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Your Questions About Coworking Answered

by | July 2024

Discover answers to your burning questions about coworking (even the ones you’re a little shy to ask out loud)!

I’m a remote worker. Is a coworking space right for me?

Absolutely. Collabor8te has lots of remote workers whose HQ is in another city or even a different country.  They love having coworkers around them doing different things but still providing that social interaction you don’t get working from home.

Do coworking spaces offer networking and other events?

Yes! Most coworking spaces offer events for their members. Collabor8te ran 117 events last year. We run everything from hikes to speed networking, learning sessions to pub nights.

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Can I use a coworking space on a short term basis, I’m only in town for a few weeks.

That’s no issue at all. You can usually buy day passes or, as we do at Collabor8te,  join a subscription plan that suits you for the time you’re in the area. With a 30 days’ cancellation policy, we offer as little as one month’s member access.

Do I have to be social to join a coworking space?

Definitely not. No one is forced to join in anything they don’t want to at Collabor8te. If you want to come in to get your head down for productive days, that’s completely fine. But you’ll be missing out on all sorts of great opportunities if you don’t take the time to meet other members :-)

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Can I register my business address at a coworking space?

Usually yes. The coworking space needs to be registered with HMRC for anti-money laundering supervision to provide a serviced office address and they will require your proof of address and ID. At Collabor8te, we include the use of address with all our memberships Coffee Meeter and above

Isn’t coworking just for start-ups and freelancers?

A common misconception but, especially nowadays, all sorts of businesses use coworking spaces, from small company teams to large corporates for their employees to work from close to home. Collabor8te has members who have been with them for 10 years so definitely not all about start-ups!  It’s a savvy decision not a necessity to be part of a coworking space.

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