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What’s in a Word – Coworking, co-working or co working?

by | March 2023

We’ve been involved in coworking for almost 9 years now. That’s coworking, rather than co-working or even co working. 

Right now you might be thinking uh oh, here comes a pedantic post. They’ll be talking about the correct use of the apostrophe soon…don’t get us started by the way ;-) 

Does it matter? I mean it’s all the same, isn’t it?

Actually, it’s not. And it does matter. For the following reasons:

It was deemed correct by 2018 by AP Stylebook after many years of debate. When we are talking about a coworking space, there is no hyphen and definitely no gap. This denotes a style of collaborative working which of course all us coworking operators are passionate about. And, if further proof were needed, when you type co-working or co working into Wikipedia, it takes you to the Coworking page. I rest my case.

Co-working is used when you are with your own co-workers in a company. This you co-work with. The ‘choosing’ to come to work to be amongst many different people, most of whom are not connected with your business or work in any way, is definitely not the same in any way and deserves its own spelling.

It’s important for identity. For the brand of ‘Coworking’ and what it represents, a global community of people dedicated to the values of Collaboration. We’re an industry of our own and it’s with consistent use of the correct spelling and no other, that recognition of our unique style of working is understood.

The most important though, is that when searching for a coworking space often people look for co working, with the space or what a hyphen co-working. In fact, both these incorrect spellings serve up more results on Google than the correct one! 

For us and just about every coworking space I know, coworking is the only correct term, it means we/they don’t have the wrong spelling on the website, because why would we, right?  And that may mean we’re not found when we want to be found in a Google search. 

So please, when you’re looking for a coworking space, no gap, no hyphen. We like it better, together! 

It got me thinking, do other industries have a similar issue and what do you do about it?

Check out some of the links which show it’s a real thing and not just us…

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