Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and we want to protect your personal information. This policy explains what information Collabor8te collects, processes and how and why we use it. If you have any questions, get in touch with us on the address mentioned at the end of the document.


Personal Information is data that relates to you and can identify you as an individual.
“You” means a person enquiring about Collabor8te and/or a member of Collabor8te.
“We” means Collabor8te.

Information we collect

The amount and type of data we collect depend on the services we are providing to you.

To be an enquirer
If you provide contact information to us during an enquiry, in person or on our website, we will store this for 3 months from the latest time you communicated with us. We may get in touch with you within this period to offer you services and the possibility to stay in touch with us via social media and our regular newsletters (with opt-out option at any time).

When filling in our sign-up form, even if you do not finish the whole process, our website automatically saves the details you added into the form. At that point we might get in touch with you by phone or email to see if you have questions or need assistance finding information you were looking for.

To be a member of Collabor8te
We will collect your name, company name (if applicable), home address, phone number and email address. All these details are essential to the provision of our service to you.

To have your registered address and/or mailing address at Collabor8te
If you want us to provide you with a Companies House registered address and/or mailing address at Collabor8te, we will also collect verification information documents for Proof of ID and Proof of Address.

To collect payments
We use third-party software, Stripe and GoCardless, to collect payments. You enter your financial details directly into these platforms and your information is stored here. We use only tokens to access the payment providers and do not have access to any of your bank and/or card details (other than the last 4 digits of a card)

Additional Data we might collect
In order to enhance your experience at Collabor8te, we may process your professional Information – company, job title, job experience and other information about your profession. You will always have given us these details by choice and can request they are removed from you profile at any time

To be connected with our community you can create your profile on our website and decide if want to make it public. You can change your decision at any time and adjust your preferences in the profile settings section of your Collabor8te account.

We will also process personal data included in your Collabor8te profile, from your company/employer, social media, other public sources or those you decide to share with us.

We store all communication between you and Collabor8te and also all your communication through our Community chat. Note that the group community chat is public to all of our members and we are not responsible for any information you disclose there. Private messages between members are accessible by us as administrators of our website but are never read unless we are given cause for concern about a particular message(s).

We process behavioural details such as attendance at our events, response to our marketing communication, payment records.

We also process anonymized data for our statistics and business development purposes for an indefinite period of time.

On our website, we use Google Analytics, which collects IP addresses but is never combined with personal information. Read more about our Cookies policy on our website.

You agree to provide us correct and truthful data and in case of any changes you are obliged to let us know on email [email protected].

Sharing of personal information

We might also share your personal information like your name, your company, your job title, LinkedIn profile and your email address to provide a connecting service among our community and others to enhance your business. You can choose whether you want us to connect with anyone during sign-up process and also your preferred way to connect you. If you change your mind, let us know and we will start/stop providing this service according to your preferences.

You can also display your business card and promotional materials at our venue. These cards and promotional materials are accessible by other members and our visitors. This service is to enhance your business opportunities at Collabor8te but we are not responsible for communication or data sharing/storing via this source.

We disclose your Personal Information in limited circumstances to our service providers but we make sure they are responsible with the data we share with them and behave only according to our instructions.

There could be a situation when we are obliged to disclose your personal information to comply with the law.

We are active on different social media and share information, images, and video with the public through unaffiliated external social media sites. We process photos, videos or quotes from members together with their identification details and publish them on our social media and promotional materials. Photos or videos without any identification of the clients are processed for the duration of the consent. All of these can be deleted at the request of the person shown.

We do not edit comments on our social media but we can delete them if they are not connected with the post, promote a commercial product or service, advocate illegal activity, discriminate or violate laws.

We take pictures and videos at our space and events and use them for promotional purposes. If you do not want to be in them, please inform the photographer at the time. If you agreed but change your decision later, please let us know and we will make sure you won’t appear on them or if published, they will be deleted.

We are not responsible for data collection, privacy, and information sharing policies and procedures or conten third party’s websites. Please, get to know their policies before you decide to share with them any personal information. The collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information will be subject to the privacy policies of the third party and not this Policy.

Rights to your information: access, rectification, erasure and restriction

Collabor8te respects your rights to your data. In accordance with the law, you may request details or copy of your personal information we store and process. If you would like to make a request, get in touch with us at the address at the bottom of the document. Please note, there is a 30-day period for responding to the request starting at the moment when we have all the relevant information.

We can also erase all data we have about you on your request and keep those required by law only. If you want us to erase data we need to provide the service while being a member, we would have to terminate your membership and keep only the data as required by law.


You have always right to opt-out from our marketing communication and opt-in whenever you want to. Please note, there is from time to time information we need to deliver to you even though you opted-out such as a change in our Terms and Conditions or regarding our services.

We do not sell your Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes.


Collabor8te will keep and store your Personal Information for as long as you are our member or have shown interest in our services.

The retention period is different depending on the type of data we are obliged to keep or help to improve our services.

Following termination of your Collabor8te membership, we delete all your data after 7 years. In the case as an employee of Collabor8te, we will store your data for no longer than 7 years after employment is terminated.

Information security

To keep your personal data save we apply appropriate technical and organizational measures such as encryption, firewalls etc.


Sometimes we share links of third parties websites which are subject to their own privacy policy.

Email communication

We send you non-marketing related emails, such as onboarding emails, booking confirmation and emails concerning invoices and payments for our services. You cannot opt-out from these.

We are also sending regular email newsletters four times a month. To receive them, you need to sign-up as a subscriber and you can opt-out whenever you want.

Changes to the policy in the future

Our privacy policy comes into effect at the moment information is collected. We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove parts of this Policy at any time we find necessary. If we make any changes to this Policy, details of any changes will be posted at the top of the privacy policy web page.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Policy, please contact us at:

22 Montrose Street
G1 1RE

Email: [email protected]



Collection of personal data – privacy notice

For the health and safety of the customers and staff in these premises, we are recording the name and contact details of everyone who enters to support NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect. This means the data of our members coming to Collabor8te and also their visitors.

The information will be used to enable NHS Scotland to contact you, should you have been in the premises around the same time as someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. Contacting people who might have been exposed to the virus is an important step in stopping the spread.

Reasons for data collection

As stated above, the purpose for which we are processing your personal data is to assist with NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect strategy in relation to the coronavirus public health epidemic. This will involve the gathering and, when necessary, the sharing of information with NHS Scotland as the responsible body for Test and Protect. Your data will not be used for any other purpose.

In order to assist in the containment of the virus, we will only share your data when it is requested directly by NHS Scotland. This will only be in the unlikely event there is a cluster of coronavirus cases linked to the venue. Information will be transferred securely to NHS National Services Scotland who will use the data to contact trace those who were in the establishment at the same time as the positive case, and will provide guidance and support to those who may be advised to self-isolate.

Read further information on the NHS Scotland Test and Protect strategy on the NHS website.

Type of data collected

Along with the date and time of your arrival and departure, we will collect the following personal data if applicable:

  • your name
  • contact telephone number

If you do not have a telephone number, you have the option to provide:

  • a postal address or
  • an email address

Customer health information will not be requested or stored.

Lawful basis for collecting this data

Under data protection law, GDPR Article 6(1), we have a number of lawful bases that allow us to collect and process personal information. In this case, the lawful basis for processing your data is ‘legitimate interests’.

Broadly speaking ‘legitimate interests’ means that we can process your personal information if we have a genuine and legitimate reason and we are not harming any of your rights and interests.

Our legitimate reason for processing your data is to assist with NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect strategy in relation to the coronavirus public health epidemic.

Before sharing any information we will carefully consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights.

Data retention period

Your personal data will be retained only for the purposes stated in this privacy notice and will be held by us for no more than 3 weeks (21 days).

All personal data will be held and disposed of in a safe and secure manner.

Your rights

As defined in the data protection law, GDPR Article(s) 12-23, you have the following rights:

  • the right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data. This is – outlined above.
  • the right to erasure. If at any point within the 21 days after your visit you decide you’d like us to delete the personal data you provided, please advise us and we will delete all information related to you.
  • the right to object to us processing your personal data. If you do so, we will delete all the personal data we hold in relation to you.
  • the right to rectification. If the information held is in any way incorrect, you can contact the data controller and request that the information be rectified.

In certain circumstances, exemptions to these rights may apply. Further information is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Complaint procedure

If you consider that your personal data has been misused or mishandled by us, you can raise this with the data controller. In this instance, the data controller is the manager of this venue.

If you remain dissatisfied you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner, who is an independent regulator. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:

Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF

Telephone: 0303 123 1113
Email: [email protected]

Any complaint to the Information Commissioner is without prejudice to your right to seek redress through the courts.