Coastal walk - Largs Largs coastal walk is a nice easy one to open our hiking season with.

It is an 8 miles walk which can be done in 3.5 - 4 hours and when we get back we can go for chippy or well-deserved ice cream.

We will meet in front of Nardini's at 10:00 am.

How to get there:

- by car - opposite this ice cream restaurant is a large car park (charges for parking).
- by train - train at 8:49 from Glasgow Central and you are in Largs at 9:45. The train back goes every hour.

At the moment the rules are 6 people from 6 households, so please get a ticket and we will save you a spot. If you register and won't be able to make it after all, please let us know.

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  • John Loudon

    John Loudon

    I would like to go to this, I am not super fit just now. Basically been training at eating cakes, sounds like a fun day out though. If there is still room could I put my name down?

  • Hi John, sure, you are in, you will get a confirmation soon. Don't worry about not being fit, it is an easy one. I guess all of us need a slow start :D

  • John Loudon

    John Loudon

    Awesome, I'll put it in my calendar