What, Who and How - Get your share of the COVID-19 Business Support

A straightforward guide to all the business support available for business owners, freelancers and employees and how to access it.  

We've brought in two financial experts who have sifted through all the detail to give us the lowdown in this simple to understand summary of what is available, who can claim and how to do it.

Tim and Lachlan will summarise some of the supports and grants available to business of all sizes in Scotland from a sole trader/freelancer to a company with VAT and staff.  Topics include small business grants, Self-employment Income Support Scheme, furloughed workers, and the recently announced newly self-employed grant.  

You will get a guidance on the support available to individuals and outline steps people can take to support themselves and their families.

The webinar will be interactive.  You can ask questions anonymously before the event on slido using the event code Alterledger20200501 or clicking here.

About Tim Alter:

Tim  is the director of Alterledger, a digital accountancy practice in Glasgow.  Alterledger specialises in accounts for businesses in the creative industries and wider service sector.  

About Lachlan Bursle:

Lachlan is a financial advisor and small business owner. He works with small business owners and individuals to plan for their future and protect the present. 

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