Meditation Monday Series with Cam Cooney Join us in the month of February for a 4-week meditation series with Cam Cooney. We’ll start by learning how to experience the power of the mind, and move into refining technique, while diving into the mind-body connection. Find out why this meditation technique has been dubbed "the effortless meditation". Drop into a class or sign up for all four.

Each class includes relatable class topics, group discussions, Q&As with a fully qualified Vedic Meditation Teacher, Vegan snacks and herbal teas, meditation chairs and cushions.

Cam Cooney is a fully qualified Vedic Meditation Teacher, offering 3 Day Beginners Meditation courses in the heart of Glasgow.
To find more out about Vedic Meditation and Teacher Cam Cooney - visit

Please note these classes will be held at 22 Montrose Street, and as always will be first come, first space so please arrive early to secure your spot!

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