Skillful Presenting: learn to give talks effectively and confidently
This is a practical, confidence-building workshop teaching you how to prepare and deliver an effective, memorable, relevant presentation.

About this Event

So often, great opportunities are lost through poor pitches or presentations that are overwhelming, unclear or dull. Many do not connect valuable content and what the audience actually needs.

This is a practical, confidence-building workshop, looking at how to prepare and deliver – in your own style – an effective, memorable and relevant talk for any audience. We will also look at the realities of speaking in public with lots of examples of effective techniques and creating a positive mindset.

Who is this for?

This one-day workshop suits all professions for anyone at any level. It is for you if you have never presented before, or if you have some experience but would like further advice, improvement and practice.

The day is especially for you if you tend to avoid public speaking when, in fact, you really would like to be able to give a talk or will have to at some stage.

Wouldn’t it be great to finally understand and embrace public speaking and make it work for you?

The group size will be 6–14 people.

What will we do?

Throughout an enjoyable and practical day we will look at tried and tested techniques to demystify and develop this valuable communication skill, which anyone can learn with guidance and lots of practice. Anxiety about public speaking is a very common issue (it is normal, has nothing to do with your personality and is manageable), so there is an emphasis on building speaking confidence while we cover the essentials of preparing, rehearsing and delivering a presentation.

The aim of the day is for you to understand how to be clear, confident, memorable and authentic when speaking. You can then look for opportunities at work or home to try out what you learn in real situations. Presenting is a skill that takes time and lots of practice, and I’m here to get you started, equipped and motivated.

What will we cover?

  • the audience
  • message and aims
  • preparation and structure
  • visuals and PowerPoint
  • opening and closing
  • body and voice
  • building rapport
  • working with your own style
  • handling questions and interruptions
  • when things go wrong
  • why anxiety is normal
  • strategies for confidence
  • venue, room and equipment
  • what to do beyond the workshop

A full free guide of tips and techniques will be given to all who attend, with my contact information for advice and help over the phone afterwards at any time.

Background on the workshop

This workshop is based on 30 years of delivering (and watching) hundreds of presentations and workshops in more than 30 countries, a passion for presenting and a commitment to enabling others to give talks in their own way.

The session is adapted from more intensive, bespoke training sessions that I deliver to in-company groups of up to six people. The cost for these can be too high for an individual, and so I have made a more affordable day’s content and practice available to those with limited budgets.

Background on the trainer

My name is Andy Cowle and I have been regular speaker and workshop facilitator at educational conferences and events all over the world for 30 years. I started out as a linguist and trained teacher, and then worked in sales and training for companies internationally.

I started working independently in 2007 and have presented to thousands of people in audiences of all kinds and sizes, across many regional and organisational cultures. I love to present and to help others do the same.

Breaks & refreshments

There are morning and afternoon breaks, and 1 hour for lunch. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided, but not lunch (sorry!)

Do I need to bring anything?

Just bring pen and paper, or your mobile device to take notes. Dress is informal.

Do I have to bring a printed ticket to the event?


Will there be another one soon if this is full?

Yes. Join the waiting list on this Eventbrite event page, or drop me a line below. I will set up an event as soon as I can in the same month.

Can I get in touch with you about this or other enquiries directly?

Sure. My email is [email protected] | Tel 07860 339420


You can do it. I will help you!

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