Enjoy 30% discount on Dear Green Coffee and have it delivered for free to Collabor8te.

It comes in 250g bags and you can choose from 4 types of coffee:
  • The Goosedubbs blend - the one we have in Collabor8te (milk chocolate, plum, pecan) - get it for  £6 (instead of £8.40)
  • Colombia - decaf (chocolate, orange, malt) - get it for  £7.50 (instead of £10.20)
  • Guatemala (plum, caramel, milk chocolate) - get it for  £8 (instead of £11.50)
  • Rwanda (red apple, tangerine, toffee) - get it for  £6 (instead of £8.20)
To claim the discount, please purchase the Dear Green product from our website (price is set as £0, will be adjusted according to your order) and we will get in touch with you with more details about your order. 

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