Special price for Yoga workshops with Morag for our members - £30 instead of £36

Type of Yoga
This Seasonal Hatha Yoga classes in Glasgow pay attention to the time of year as well as the breath and rounds off with a nice relaxation (savasana), which can take the form of Yoga Nidra or meditation to help the body assimilate the asana practice beforehand. Seasonal yoga is basically traditional yoga tailored to suit the time of year according to Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements. It also encompasses energy work as in Qi Gong and Doa In (self-shiatsu).

Teaching Style

Morag's teaching style focuses on the breath to help with the flow of energy both to strengthen and energise the body while at the same time calming the mind. You can expect a nice calm but strong practice balanced between asanas, pranayama and meditation, not to mention the all-important yoga nidra which is something else entirely!

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