Co working - Now and Then

Coworking – Now and Then

by | March 2023

It’s 3 years ago today that the first Lockdown started. It seems such a long time ago and yet also the time has gone in a flash!  

What did it do to Coworking? Obviously, it was a very tough time for an industry whose very existence is to provide a space away from home to work, and no one could do that for a long time. And for some time after that, many didn’t want to. 

Back at the start, when everyone was loving working from home, various LinkedIn polls shared that most people would not want to go back to the office EVER. Articles reported that no one would want to work in an open-plan office again, they’d want walls and screens. Be within breathing distance of other human beings, no thank you…

We thought they were wrong, hoped they were wrong. We held off putting up screens and walls, instead ensuring that we had lots of distance in the office and safety measures to protect everyone. 

So what has changed 3 years on?

We’re busier than ever

What actually happened is that while people did love working from home and many still do, most don’t want to do it ALL the time. It’s lonely, isolating and not great for your mental health. We’re social beings, humans like being around other people. 

That’s certainly what new members are telling us, “I want to be out of my house once or twice a week at least”. 

More companies support coworking

There’s a definite trend in businesses recognising that their employees sometimes need a different place to work, when they are remote and usually work at home, or their company office is a distance to travel to.

Many more companies are paying for memberships for their employees and that’s great to see. So if you’re in that situation and you’re thinking you’d like to work from a coworking space, it might be worth a chat with your boss :) Check our guide on how to choose the right coworking space for you

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The Tuesday to Thursday working week is real!

Since the pandemic, we’ve noticed a definite change in working patterns. 

Perhaps this is because people value a work-life balance more than before, or are following the working patterns of those they do work with. Also, there are many more businesses adopting a 4-day working week.

Whatever the reason, whether our members are employed, self-employed or run their own businesses, the most popular days to come into the office are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Mondays and Fridays are the days to go coworking if you want a quieter vibe in your coworking space. Friday in the city is great, and you can treat yourself to dinner or a drink in town after work!

More people want the full set-up

Now, more than ever, members ask for screens, keyboards and mice.  

Rather than just working from the laptop, a healthy set-up is much more in demand. I think that’s because many invested in the kit during the pandemic and got used to it. Luckily, we’ve always had everything available for use here and we have bought many monitors as they have grown in popularity. 

Coworking growth continues

Before COVID, coworking was a growth industry and if anything, that’s only been accelerated. There are many reports about workers saying they will never commute to the office to the same extent again. Many would look for a new job if they are forced by their employers to work full-time from the office. 

We’ve changed. People know they don’t HAVE to go to the office to get work done. Now, people CHOOSE to go and that means they want flexibility about where and when they work and a space which is inviting, comfortable and offers more than just a desk. It’s what coworking has always done.

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