By Teresa Jackson When you own a small business, the buck stops with you.  There can be no ‘that’s not my job’, no entitlement to a certain position.  We need to do whatever needs done.  End of.  Last week was a typical one and I decided it would be fun to document it as a
It’s a much-mentioned comment, “Get a coworking space to get you off the ground (i.e. before you need a ‘proper’ office)”.  When I set Collabor8te up 3 years ago, I didn’t see it that way and I still don’t.  As a small business owner, my view has always been that collaborating with others is far more
We love this infographic from Neardesk on how a coworking space can be the best option. From Visually.
LinkedIn training at coworking space, Collabor8te
Donald Munro is an associate of LinkedIn Success Systems. His recent training session at coworking space Collabor8te bust some of the myths and gave out SME attendees lots of fantastic tips on how to improve their LinkedIn profiles
With the Edinburgh Festival well under way this week's 'Day in the Life' focuses on Peter Aitchison - MD of Property Management Firm, Biggar & Hay Ltd - and member of 'To Be Continued', an improvised comedy group playing to sell out crowds at the Festival this month. So just how does he manage to combine the two? And does the coworking community at Collabor8te provide him with an endless source of material......?

Glasgow Networking Guide

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 by
  Wed 16th August, 8.00am to 10.00am (FREE) 29 STUDIOS on Miller Street 29ERS Networking Event Informal, structured networking.  The highlight is the 29-second pitches. Everyone has the opportunity to pitch themselves & their business to the entire room, in just 29 seconds. Wed 16th August, 3.00pm to 4.00pm (FREE) MITCHELL LIBRARY on North Street A Beginner’s Guide
The sheer volume of information on Google Analytics can be overwhelming and the user interface looks so techy. Actually though. it's much simpler than you mike think. Here's 3 key rules to help you explore the goldmine of useful data that is contained within your website data.
Donna is a new member to Collabor8te and has embraced the collaborative environment and all the opportunities that it brings to her business. No two days are the same at her developing business Clearview Minds, whose aim is to support young adults from the age of 14 + transition into adulthood, so a flexible and adaptable approach is essential.
A recent AXA survey found that 1 in 10 UK residents intend to start their own business in the next 12 months. This is a staggering claim but there's no doubt that the ranks of the self-employed have been increasing for the past decade. What is driving this choice to create your own work, if indeed it is through choice?