5 reasons why working from a coworking space is, well better, than your own office 😉

by | September 2023

The day-to-day running is not your job!

There’s a lot to running an office. Utilities, business rates, insurance, cleaning,compliance  making sure all the kit is pat tested and in good working order and fire maintenance, healthy and safety risk assessments, watering the plants, bringing in supplies such as coffee and tea etc etc…

None of this is your responsibility when you work from a coworking space 🙂


No worries about the bills

With coworking you pay the same regular subscription which includes everything you need.  There’s no need to worry about the fluctuation of products and services and having to make sure everything is paid at various times of the month or year.


No office politics!

We’ve all seen it. The competition for power or authority in a workplace. It’s not fun and can create an environment that’s not nice to work in. A coworking space is full of people who are not connected to your own business and that makes for an entirely different and relaxed workplace.


It’s so flexible

With coworking, you’re only paying for what you need at any given time. If your team grows or contracts, you simply add or deduct a membership. If you’re busier at some times of year than others, you buy more hours when you need them and save the cash when you don’t.


You’re surrounded by cool people!

Perhaps one of the best benefits of being in a coworking space rather than your own office, is that you have some many cool people doing cool things. The diversity of skills and personalities creates amazing opportunities for business collaboration and friendships. 


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